Understanding Germaphobes

Woman coughing.Germaphobes.com is a mix of information about germaphobia, germaphobes, germs and information about staying healthy. I am not a doctor and am in no way qualified to talk about germaphobes except that I am one.  Before taking any actions based on anything you read on this site, check with your health care provider.

My favorite posts.→  A germ theory published in 1999.

Staying healthy by washing more than your hands before going to sleep. Wash your entire arms.  I’ve been doing this for almost two years and I’ve had no colds or flu.

George Carlin’s comedy skit on germaphobes. He puts us down, but it is funny.

Thanks!  Stay healthy.


Germ Zapping Robot – The Solutions to Hospital Infections, including Ebola

This is an important device developed by Xenex that can sterilize a hospital room and prevents those deadly hospital infections -even ebola. Quite a few hospitals are using it now but it needs to be in every hospital and used in every room after any patient leaves.


See more at:




How To Avoid Allergies To Pollen

I learned this trick a number of years ago from a customer of mine.  On the years when I remember to do it, I’m fine through the spring allergy season.  On the years I forget to do it, I suffer.

bee pollen

Here’s the trick… start  eating bee pollen before the season starts. Buy fresh local pollen, if  possible. If not local, at least refrigerated and if you can’t find that, buy the canned pollen. Start off with one or two pieces a day and work your way up to a teaspoon or more a day.

How it works.

When you start eating it, your body will recognize pollen as a food.  When the season starts and you breath it in, your body won’t reject it as a foreign substance anymore (because it knows that the pollen is a food)  and you won’t have the allergic reaction that make you miserable for so long.

It’s simple, effective and inexpensive.

If you’re already suffering this year, it’s too late for this trick to work for you, but try it next year.

Don’t try this without your doctor’s approval. We are not doctors and are not giving advice. We are just telling you what works for us.

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Monofoil: A germ killer that is a “Game Changer”

MonofoilI was contacted by the makers Coeus Technology, makers of Monofoil. I am very impressed with the product, so I asked if I could post about it because, unlike most germ killing sprays or wipes which kill the “current” germs, Monofoil continues to kill germs on the surface for a long time after being applied.

Monofoil is a revolutionary new antimicrobial product that uses a physical action as opposed to a chemical action in destroying microbes. This antimicrobial product is being used by area hospitals, schools, professional sports organizations, and theme parks. Countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and Australia have recently been introduced to this new technology.

Monofoil destroys algae, fungi, bacteria, and viruses by attracting the harmful microbes to it. Then the cell membrane is pierced, bled out and then electrocuted. The technology of Monofoil enables the product to remain intact to the substrate it is applied to. Allowing it to stay in place for up to 30 days as continues to work time and time again. This ready-to-use product is available in gallons, spray bottles, and wipes. Coeus Technology has recently added to its product line a new laundry additive. Thus allowing the clothes we wear to be protected for up to 50 washes. Better yet, Monofoil is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and safe to use around children and pets.

One of the benefits of using Monofoil is the cost effectiveness of the product. It is fairly priced when you consider how long it lasts you. No more need for us germaphobes to buy chemicals that can be harmful to humans and have no longevity anyway.  Another benefit is in the way the antimicrobial works. The way it kills a microbe is unique in that it does not simply poison the cell, but destroys it. Most chemicals will poison or sicken the microbe, allowing it to adapt to the chemical. This is how a “superbug” is formed and is definitely life threatening. Not the case with Monofoil. This product completely eliminates the problem and sticks around to do it again.

Monofoil is  unconditionally registered with the EPA and is made in the USA.

Coeus Technology is a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business located in central Indiana. The partners who started the company are both from Indiana and have studied biology at Indiana University. Both also served in the military for their country.

I am neither sponsoring nor endorsing their product. It just looks like a “game changer” to me.

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Clever Idea To Replace Toilet Seat Covers – Potty Pax

Keeping You Safe In public bathrooms.

I ran across this video and was impressed, as I am with any invention that helps us stay healthy and avoid germs.

I have no affiliation with this company and know nothing about them, but watch the video and go to their site.

Here are some of the uses for this product.
1. People at work/office buildings
2. Road trips/driving long distances (the Potty Pax™ is the perfect
item for rest stops, gas stations, and truck stops)
3. Daycare/preschools (each child can have their very own
Potty Pax™)
4. Camping grounds/hiking trails /RV or trailer park facilities
5. Indoor & outdoor sports venues
6. College dormitories w/community toilets
7. Outdoor concerts and other live performance venues & events
8. At theme parks, picnic grounds, public parks & playgrounds
9. Senior retirement home facilities
10. Malls, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, or any place where you might have to use a public restroom.


Thoughts from a Germaphobe Mother

Just read a great article that we can all identify with. Written by Eva Glettner in The Huffington Post  – Parents Section. Obviously, she writes this from the viewpoint of a “germaphobe” parent.  See the article here.

A toilet with the potentially dangerous arrang...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s an excerpt that I like.

I got a call from my preschool kid’s teacher that went something like this: “Your son will not flush the toilet with his hand. I told him that our toilet is clean. The problem is… your son is tall. But other kids have started copying him and one girl fell in. (I nearly died right then and there. My worst fear. Bathroom germs galore). And she was wearing a tutu. It was messy.”

I know what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to tell my kid to just chillax and flush with his hand. I was supposed to mimic that behavior and flush in not-so-public places with my hand. Unfortunately, I had a little problem implementing this theory. The thought made me want to hurl.


My Purell is my secret sauce. It follows me at Target, Toys”R”US, and at Costco. It doesn’t disappoint. I draw the line at giving my kids their own Purell bottles. Because, that would be weird.

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Is Today’s News About Pounds Of Germs Living In Us A New Idea?

We are not alone in our bodies.

The big news out today is that studies show that there are  enough bacteria, fungi and other microbes in our bodies that collected together could weigh, amazingly, a few pounds. There are perhaps 10,000 species of microbes living in and on us. Many of them actually keep us healthy.

Low-temperature electron micrograph of a clust...

Low-temperature electron micrograph of a cluster of E. coli bacteria, magnified 10,000 times. Each individual bacterium is oblong shaped. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some are not healthy but keep us in balance, but why do they affect some people and not others?

All of these microbes live with us an a living ecosystem, and like an environmental ecosystem, your microbial makeup varies widely by body part.

Is this really news?


A fascinating article that went on for three months in the theatlantic.com in 1999 explains “The New Germ Theory” which is posted in this blog.  It discussed the same thing as today’s news.  Sure, there has been more categorization of the microbes,  but the theory is not new.

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17% of Cell Phones Are Contaminated With Human Fecal Bacteria.

One out of every six cell phones is contaminated with germs from human feces, a recent British study found.

Read the whole story at colekcolek.com where it states:

Cell phone Sagem my202X ubt

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fecal bacteria can survive on hands for hours at a time, especially in warm temperature away from sunlight. Germs were easily transferred by touch on the doorknob, food, and even cell phones. Germs can then move on to someone else.

Every year, children under age five died by pneumonia and diarrheal diseases, which can actually be prevented by the simple act of washing hands with soap.

In developed countries, wash hands with soap helps people to prevent the spread of viral infections, such as norovirus, rotavirus, and influenza.

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Shopping Carts – Finally A Supermarket Chain is Sterilizing Them To Protect Customers

We all know how filthy shopping carts can be. They can be more contaminated that you can imagine.  One supermaret chain is doing something about it.



Winn-Dixie stores announced last year that they would go beyond providing sanitizing wipes at the front door to help prevent the spread of germs on shopping carts.

They contracted with Green Secure Solutions whose mobile sanitizing units act like a car wash, cleaning shopping carts and other equipment with a high-temperature, pressurized shower sterilized with hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light.

Way to go Winn-Dixie.  Why can’t every supermarket chain do this?

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Small Turtles – a Source of Salmonellosis.

The “Worms & Germs” site reports that the CDC has announced an investigation of three multistate outbreaks of salmonellosis linked to pet turtles since Sept 2011.

English: A Red-Eared Slider turtle, keeping de...

English: A Red-Eared Slider turtle, keeping defensive with only the nostrils and the eyes above the water surface. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three types of Salmonella have infected people in 16 states. Eleven people have been hospitalized.

Here’s the important correlation. Almost all of them had contact with TURTLES less than 4 inches long.  Why is that significant? Because the sale of turtles with shell lengths under 4 inches has been banned in the US since 1975 because young children are more likely to put the turtles in their mouth.  However, the ban has neither been successful nor well enforced.

Pet turtle owners need to follow basic hygiene and infection control practices, especially when high risk individuals like young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those who are immunocompromised may be exposed to those turtles.

BTW, I just found the Worms & Germs site. It has some great information about germs and your pets.

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